About Us

An organization provide our society nothing better than good education, with this thought of the great Swami Divyanand Ji; Divyanand Consultancy Private Limited aims to provide the quality educational, research and management consultation to government companies, private sector companies, non-profit organizations, utility companies, co-operative societies, educational institute and independent researchers / academicians.


  • Creation of trained manpower to tackle the emerging challenges of the research field. Training of statistical as well as non-statistical manpower in undertaking monitoring and evaluation of large scale programs/projects, through specialized short/medium term programs. Develop Need based training modules in consultation and collaboration with academicians, researchers and professionals from universities.
  • To facilitate and organize International/National/State/Institutional level training programs for researchers and academicians.
  • To provide the Governments and private sector with necessary consultation regarding training, designing and conducting surveys & research.


  • Divyanand Consultancy Services (DCS) aspires to propagate the knowledge of statistics, Computational Science, Computational Science, Allied Science and global development of statistical, computational system.


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